Monday, April 8th (9:00am - 5:00pm)

Total Eclipse Event at the Drive-In

Date: April 8th, 2024

Location: Stone Drive-In Theatre in Mountain View, Arkansas

What we have available

Included with each space registration is a guaranteed parking space for your vehicle. Each parking space comes with up to 4 Eclipse glasses (USA made and and compliant with international safety standards) Need more?  Add them at time of registration

We will not have any music or vendors.  There are no street lights, no large buildings, and no noisy highways nearby our drive-in. There should be almost no light pollution! Feel free to bring telescopes, cameras, and video equipment for this amazing viewing experience.  We will have several areas for equipment setup available but it will be first come, first serve on the space.  You can purchase an extra space for picnics or equipment if you'd like a guaranteed spot right next to your vehicle.

You can show up at the drive-in any time after 9:00am on April 8th.  You can leave after the eclipse or stay with us and watch a movie the old fashioned way!  Movie which will start at approximately 8:00pm (requires movie ticket purchase). If you want to make it an all day and night experience, pack a tent and spend the night with us under the stars(requires overnight extended stay).

Registration is available which allows you to stay after the movie and leave the next morning.   You need movie tickets to enter before or during the movie.  If you don't want to purchase movie tickets, you can enter after the movie is over.  You can stay in your vehicle or put up a small tent (No grills or fires of any kind are allowed on the drive-in).     As we are not a campground, If you want to stay multiple nights, you will have to put the tent up and come back after the movie each night.

On-site bathrooms will be available for the event and food at our concession stand will be available all day and night (approximately from 10:00am to 10:00pm)

Ticket Information

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About the Eclipse

(which is one of the longest in Arkansas and the nation as a whole.)

Partial Eclipse starts at 12:35 PM

Total Eclipse from 1:52 PM to 1:56 PM (4min & 14 sec totality)

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